Careers are generally defined by progress in one’s professional life rather than compatibility with it. Luckily, there are online career tools available now that can help you determine which career path is the best for you. You always have a predisposition to certain career choices, but these tend to get overlooked due to misguided youthfulness and/or external influences and expectations. For example, if you want to become a professional real estate agent, you have to pass a Real Estate Agent License Course first from an on demand real estate licensing school before becoming one. Whether or not you are satisfied by your profession is a key factor in determining if you have a successful career.
Success is not JUST defined by the amount you put in your account every year it is also about finding the “right fit”. If your work does not drive you, challenge you, satisfy you, chances are you will at one point consider switching careers. What might appear satisfactory at an early stage in our lives might not be the best option later. We make our career choices, ironically, at the most confused stage in our lives. Teenagers are prone to excitement and emotional decisions that they almost always regret. Any young adult is never fully equipped to make a career choice, simply by using their own deduction.

The beauty of a Career Test is that it helps you decide whether your choice is the right fit, e.g., plumbing careers, will it prove to be the most lucrative possibility (financially, emotionally and intellectually) for you? Taking a career test earlier on in your life is one of the best ways to avoid confusion and bad decisions. Choosing Your Tech Career shall become all the more easy if you know if that is what you are cut out for. The focus of this article will be on understanding how a career path and individual characteristics are interlinked and how career tests’ results can predict these patterns. For kids, teens and adults to benefit from such tests, it is first important to understand how they work and why you should trust them.


Career Placement Test

Career Placement Test

Any Career Tests’ results primarily depend on certain “personality types”. A test will classify you based on your answers before passing the data over to a “test evaluator”. Personality traits cover a wide range of positive and negative traits that are asked through cleverly formulated questions, combining this data with your skillset and education, a very good match can be found. In an attempt to evaluate ourselves in the best light possible, a lot of people taking a Career test are not very truthful.

In fact some of us tend to highlight only positive attributes, deliberately leaving out any negative aspects of our personality. This will not benefit anyone; you will not learn anything of import from the test by providing incorrect or lacking information. If you are taking a career test, then convey everything, qualities you possess as well as ones you lack.


If you’re wondering why personality specific questions are deemed important, it’s because Career Tests help you pick the “perfect” work environment one that coincides with your interests. While your skill, academic qualification and interests are given the highest priority, right from the beginning of the test, your personality type might end up being the deciding factor. One of the many reasons why College and University graduates fail to perform in their professional lives is that their work environment doesn’t suit them. Any work environment consists of the following factors that make a person’s job easier or tougher.

· Type of Colleagues
· Support staff
· Administration
· Management
· Communication channels

How you respond to a communication channel is deduced in many career tests, whether you are the Worker bee or someone who is enterprising on their own greatly depends on your way of communication.

· Horizontal Communication channel

In this channel, people working in an organization boost efficiency by determining a specific path to perform any assigned tasks. This type of communication allows a task to be split downwards starting from management to a clerical level. Larger companies work on this pattern with thousands of employees (worker bees) working under a single manager. A larger majority of people adjust better with this type of communication.

· Vertical Communication Channel

In this type of channel you need to be told what is required of you directly, and communication is not split across a table in whichever language it demands – tips to learn a new language is easy on many of the online platfroms. This leaves an individual to his/her own devices. This mode of communication suits high powered individuals that are able to cope with increased expectations and risk management situations. Very few individuals thrive in such pressure.
This is just another scenario where a good Career Test can save you from being stuck in a cubicle or affecting your health in a high stakes job. The more details you provide in a Career Test, the better the match will be.


John L. Holland, a psychologist, proposed a unique model that considers personality preferences while evaluating a career test. In 1970, Holland explained the significance of matching a personality type with a suitable work environment. Holland’s “code” proposed a qualification based on individual thinking patterns and personality inclinations.

In “Holland’s Career Test” participants are provided with a “Holland Code”; a derivative key formulated from an individual’s answers to questions related to their interest areas.
The process is very simple; you get to select your interest area from a list specified by Holland, and then the selection is referred to, as your Code. Depending on your result, the evaluators check the validity of the information you provided in the test, and then you’re provided with results in the form of a “best careers” list. From the generated list, you can choose a career route that seems most apt for you.

Instead of spending tons on a career consultant, why don’t you skim through Holland’s Personality Types, and design a code for yourself, you can opt for this manual approach if the automated results didn’t satisfy you. According to Holland’s theory any individual falls in any one of the following categories.

a) Realistic: practical, physical, activity driven, hands-on experience oriented.
b) Investigative: analytical, intellectual, systematic, inquisitive, thinkers.
c) Artistic: creative, innovative, chaotic, inventive, artistically driven (careers in media, graphics, writing etc. are most suitable for this personality type.)
d) Social: cooperative, supportive, helpful, healers, teachers.
e) Enterprising: competitive environments, leadership, persuading, status
f) Conventional: detail-oriented, organizing, clerical

By using the aforementioned personality types, you can determine your Holland’s code, it not only lets you choose a successful future, but it also enlightens your professional path. If you know what you are best suited for, it will help you set short and long term goals, and most importantly, unlock satisfying professional achievements along the way. However, it most certainly does not consider any organization you work for as a result of your code. Every industry has a very specific work ethic and design. It is better to have a study of corporate and industry specific behavior attached to the test to assure better results from a Career Test.


Quite like there is no age limit to a career change similarly there is no age restriction to taking a career test and finding out what you wish to do. Age doesn’t limit us, time and experience should always set us free. Even if you didn’t take a test in your younger years, don’t shy away now, especially if you are confused, as to what you wish to do in life. Career tests are primarily designed to help a professional hand-pick a career he can truly “love”.
Can you compare true work satisfaction with anything else? I don’t think so. Career Tests can direct you to a better profession even if you are of old age. It’s never too late to start doing work that aligns with your preferences, skills and academic qualifications.


If you are among those people who find themselves slaves to job they don’t like at all perhaps you should take a career placement test. It’s never too late to start afresh; it’s terrifying for some folk and with good reason. It’s very hard to break the shell of habit, even if you are immensely dissatisfied with your current career decisions; it takes a lot of courage to even consider such a shift. However, if and when you DO decide to put an end to the loop of boredom and uncertainty, look no further than the “Career Placement Test”.

This is one of the most conducted tests (online or otherwise) as far as adults are concerned. Nowadays, most people tend to think of switching their careers after initially jumping on a very lucrative opportunity. We all know how fast the market gets saturated the moment demand for a certain set of skills goes high, everyone starts opting for them whether they are suited for those sets of skills becomes a technicality. No matter how much a lawyer makes every year, if you do not have the mind or heart for it, chances are you will be a lost lamb in a herd of wolves. (No pun intended on lawyers, off course!)

The Career Placement test is equipped with a remedy for all such issues. It is specifically designed for those who are planning to leave their current careers, but too afraid to let go of them owing to the fact that they have reached a point in their lives where switching jobs is perhaps the most difficult decision to make, in a nutshell, it lets you deal with mid-professional-life crisis.
The test usually includes a diverse range of open and closed ended questions that allow a better look into your latent abilities. Once you answer them, you are evaluated for a number of careers that will definitely suit your skills, qualification and your Holland Code MUCH better than your previous job.

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