Career in Global Custody

Global Studies

Global studies is a broad field concentrating on world governments, cultures and economies, planning students for careers in international business, foreign affairs and tourism, among different areas.  There are many sub-fields that offer an array of different career prospects to those acquiring this particular degree. A popular career is of the custodian which is sought after attaining training in the global custodial services.

Inside Global Studies

The field of global studies covers the investigation of history, politics, economy, language and culture of diverse countries from an international perspective. As of late, study and research in global studies have taken an attention on global terrorism, media trends, appropriation of riches and the mix of cultures.

Instruction Information

There are global studies degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels, either as a stand-alone field of study or as a specialization inside other degree programs, for example, international business, foreign affairs or world politics. Students might likewise select to procure a law degree gaining practical experience in international law. Global studies envelop different orders, including math, human science, topography, humanities, political science, economy and business. Courses may relate to U.S. foreign relations, sexual orientation in the globalizing scene and international business, among different subjects. Numerous programs oblige that student’s take or have an understanding of no less than one foreign language. Here are a couple programs of study you can consider.

  • International Studies Major
  • Master’s in International Studies
  • D. in International Studies
  • International Studies Graduate

Distance Learning Options

Students intrigued by global/international studies may select to find out about the matter through online courses and degree programs. Here are a couple articles that offer more insights about online learning programs.

  • Online Courses in International Studies
  • Online Master’s Degree Program in International Studies
  • Distance Learning Degree Programs in International Studies

Career Options

Global studies programs can get ready students for some careers working at a foreign or global scale, including tourism, governmental affairs, international trade and mass interchanges. Opportunities could likewise be accessible in policymaking, law and excitement. Survey the connections beneath for more insights about careers identified with this field of study.

  • Global Policy Director
  • International Studies Careers
  • Foreign Policy Professional
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Occupation Information

The U.S. State Department ( reported in 2014 that the pay rates for senior foreign administration representatives extended in the middle of $120,749 and $181,500. In another case of a career route identified with global studies, the U.S. Authority of Labor Statistics ( expressed that news journalists and correspondents had a normal yearly salary of $44,360.

Understand that executives contract individuals, not degrees. The skills and knowledge you create as an aftereffect of your instruction, and also in your work and group exercises, have the best effect on enlisting choices. Recorded underneath are some particular knowledge and transferable skills you will get as an aftereffect of your college training and your emphasis on Global Studies.

Particular Knowledge Skills

  • A consciousness of key issues in social change, economic improvement and international relations
  • Skills in recognizing, assessing and reacting to issues and trends with global implications
  • An understanding of economic, political, social and biological global substances
  • A capacity to foresee and plan for the impact of progress on the improvement of a general public
  • Knowledge of past issues and occasions and the capacity to apply this knowledge, in conjunction with contemporary issues, when planning for and foreseeing future needs and trends
  • An understanding of the political and social existence of Third World people groups, their relationship to First World social orders and the implications for global advancement and international relations
  • The capacity to utilize research, examination and relational abilities to illuminate and instruct others
  • An attention to the assorted qualities and unpredictability of global environments
  • Knowledge of culture and practice
  • Important Transferable Skills

Information-social event and Communication Skills

  • The skills needed to identify and access an extensive variety of important information and resources
  • The capacity to arrange and organize facts and information and to grasp and apply new and/or new information to diverse circumstances and settings
  • Skills in planning intriguing, imaginative and educational presentations which target various groups of onlookers
  • The capacity to create alluring/viable reports, presentations and materials utilizing current innovation

Considering, Planning and Organizational Skills

  • The capacity to learn, understand and translate information and apply knowledge to new circumstances
  • The capacity to set needs, meet due dates and viably plan/oversee time, information and resources
  • Problem-settling skills and the capacity to settle on all around contemplated decisions, think imaginatively and hunt down, identify and consider all sides of an issue
  • Skills to viably dissect and decipher an extensive variety of information and information to talk about, bolster and/or reject thoughts, sentiments, reports, hypotheses and proposition

Cooperation and Management Skills

  • Skills empowering you to work adequately as a feature of a group by identifying your role and contributing, through driving, educating, spurring and/or empowering others, to the group’s success
  • An understanding of how to successfully identify, plan and add to the goals of a project
  • The capacity to regulate, supervise and/or add to a project from start to finish including deciding results, planning details, deciding and appointing roles

Global Studies majors have an enthusiasm for contemporary global trends including the transnational cooperations of people groups, cultures, economies, and politics; the globalizing procedures of the communications media; mechanical and environmental changes; and the occasionally brutal political, ethnic and religious reactions to the social and economic homogenization caused by these global changes.

Global Custodial Services

Global Custodial Services

What Can I do With a Degree in International Studies?

A noticeable fact in international studies is that it assists students with developing transferable skills that are esteemed by bosses. These skills include: examination, research, written work, critical thinking, and knowledge of different cultures and languages. International studies majors may discover job in business, government, nonprofits, social administrations, counselling firms, and educational institutions relying upon their skills and experience. Temporary positions may be an essential to discovering job.

The accompanying rundown of businesses and job titles was gotten from Advising & Career Services’ jobs database where the head honcho particularly asked for international studies majors. This rundown does not mirror every single potential spot of business or sorts of jobs for international studies majors. This rundown does not reflect current openings.

  • Account Coordinator for digital marketing and media company
  • Administrative Assistant for a think tank
  • Analyst for a bank
  • Assistant Buyer for a department store
  • Assistant Language Teacher for a cultural exchange program
  • Assistant Manager/Buyer for a music store
  • Assistant Self-Sufficiency Advisor for a nonprofit agency fighting poverty
  • Business Analyst for a consulting firm
  • Call Center Manager for an engineering company
  • Clerk for a district court
  • Community Development Volunteer for the Peace Corps
  • Community Organizer for a civil rights advocacy organization
  • Compliance Analyst for an investment firm
  • Constituent Services Aide for an elected official
  • Contract Specialist for a mortgage company
  • Counselor/Teacher for at-risk youth in a social services agency
  • Customer Marketing Manager for a global consumer packaged goods manufacturer and other Manufacturing Careers
  • English Language Assistant for a ministry of education
  • English Teacher for an education nonprofit
  • Events Coordinator for senior center
  • Field Organizer for an environmental nonprofit
  • Financial Analyst for a media and entertainment company
  • Financial Service Professional for mutual life insurance company
  • Foreign Service Officer for the State Department
  • Grassroots product specialist for a sports apparel manufacturer
  • Guidance Counselor for a social services agency serving youth
  • Human Resources Assistant for a federal government agency
  • Human Resources Associate for a large high-technology company
  • Import Account Representative for a logistics and freight forwarding company
  • Import Specialist for a logistics company
  • Information Services Assistant for an forestry institute in India
  • Intern for an art museum
  • Language Instructor for private English teaching company
  • Legal Assistant for a law firm
  • Major Gifts Coordinator for a coalition of charitable organizations
  • Management Analyst for a federal government agency
  • Management Associate for a bank
  • Manager for an import/export company
  • Marketing Analyst for a financial services company
  • Materials Specialist for a nonprofit advocacy group for Hispanics
  • Media Planner for an advertising agency
  • Outreach Specialist for a coalition of charitable nonprofits
  • Paralegal Assistant/Translator for a law firm
  • Program Assistant for a US agency responsible for nonmilitary foreign aid
  • Program Coordinator for a nonprofit international exchange organization
  • Program Director for Disaster Services for a humanitarian aid organization
  • Project Manager for a language and IT services provider
  • Promotion Coordinator for a bank
  • Recruiter for a staffing group
  • Researcher for a consulting firm