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  1. Those who are unemployed cannot afford R 150 to send agencies their CV, etc by fax, especially when you get 10 requests to do so Faxing’is antiquated and most of the companies I’ve worked for don’t even have faX machines anymore

  2. Good day Penny, Screening & compliance officer.

    Please can you provide me with a email address to send my information to, where i stay i don’t have access to any fax services.

    kind regards

  3. Good day Penny

    I refer to the shortlist questionnaire that I received on Thursday, 11:16am.

    I have completed the questionnaire in the requested time frame and tried many times to fax the questionnaire without any success.

    Kindly yet urgently provide me with an e-mail address to enable me to e-mail the questionnaire.

    Thank you and kind regards.
    Karien Lintvelt

  4. I received a questionnaire on Sunday the 27/11/2016 which i was suppose to fill in and return it through Fax but i dd not find anywhere that FAX operations is done until the due date as per your requirements. So if it is possible may you send me the email that i can use to forward all my documents. Thank you in advance.

  5. I am facing challenges on sending the required documents ( CV, cover letter, Copies of educational documents, proof of working experience and Identity card) as you required through Fax. So may you send me the email i can use to send the scanned required documents

  6. Hi Penny.

    I hope I have the right recruitment agency. I received an email from you to attach a few documentation that you need. I only have access to email and not fax. If you Have an email address that I can forward the following information, that will be great.

    Kind regards,

  7. Recruiters should refrain from asking jobseekers to fax their applications as this way is very expensive and time consuming. Not everyone have a fax machine. I will have my local shop to print my forms and the pay them again for faxing it at R5 a page. Emails is convenient, fast and cheap, you can immediately submit requested documents from your phone or computer.

  8. I’ve been sending back my screening and complice officer but not going through via those fax nu.

    Please on my enquire

    Phanuel Chauke

  9. Good day

    please could you send me a email address to send all my details please


    Gert Maritz

  10. I am looking for a job if you could place me somewhere I am available at anytime.


  11. How long does it take for you guys to place someone aftre she or he has registered with you I would like to know please?

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